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Demand Generation

The goal is simple:


Make your salespeople the most productive in your industry — generate far more revenue than your competitors. But to outperform your competition, even the best salespeople need consistent, high quality lead flow.

Why do so many companies struggle with Marketing Automation and Demand Generation?  
Answer:  Sales team not engaged with marketing deal flow
Answer:  Marketing not delivering quality deal flow
Answer:  Messaging and content is off-target

Is this happening with you? 
Marketing isn't talking with sales.  There's no working process for moving deal flow between marketing and sales.   And the customer has needs we are not yet meeting.  

Team Thor Marketing provides planning, implementation and execution services to automate demand generation and drive your sales force performance. We work with all of the major B2B marketing automation platforms, will evaluate and install automation platforms as well as fix existing ones. We speed up your lead flow process and get it working better.  We provide agency services to create and execute the effective demand generation campaigns and programs that generate new leads, score them by their readiness to buy, and drive the most promising ones directly to sales - all while developing the rest, inexpensively and continuously.  

We work with clients in financial services, manufacturing, technology, services and more.  We operate globally with partners in the US, Canada, Western Europe and India.  

Marketing Automation Doesn’t Happen Automatically.
We Make You Succeed.

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